... It has been a flourishing autumn so far with many great concerts - for instance the tour of Orjazztra Vienna, concerts with Jazzorchester Steiermark feat. Jure Pukl, Jaka Kopač und Mike Ievtoshenko, all great nights and great memories.
Coming up are some concerts with a new Quartet, concerts with the JBBG and finally again a meeting up with my friends in Prague (CZE), the "Concept Art Orchestra" in December. Looking forward to all those highlights still coming up this year , check Shows


... But besides that, I am very fortunate and happy to receive an artist scholarship of BR Consulting, I want to thank very much for this generous offer and help from the Initiave "The Circle of Art"  and I am very happy to use this money for my future artistic publication.

... Further more I am also very thankful for an article about my work, which is published in thise wonderful magazine "Kultur und Wein". Huge Thank you to Johannes Gans für den nice words my music.

...Still not enough on good news, very happy to join interimisticly the team of MUK- Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien. I will be teaching as a Senior Lecturer on trumpet and I am having a lot of fun working with my trumpet colleagues. MUK - Gerhard Ornig