- Q'arteto Uli Langthaler

   Quartet from the Austrian Bass Player Uli Langthaler Local Heroes of the Austrian Jazzscene.



 - Following Footsteps

Acoustic Quartett formed together by the the Austrian Drummer of "The Base" - Dedicated to his father and since it's founding with the Steps from the past on the path to new Musical Worlds

 - Concept Art Orchestra

  Czech jazz orchestra, directed by Stepanka Balcarova - mainly music by Czech composers.


 - Christian Muthspiel und Orjazztra Vienna

18-person ensemble under the direction and leadership of Christian Muthspiel, which reflects the diverse Austrian scene.

 - Void Quintett 

Quintett unter der Leitung von Ursi Reicher - Blechbläserklang trifft auf Songwriterin/ Pianistin und Komponistin

 - Ed Partyka Jazzorchester

The famous big band around the renowned composer / arranger and band leader Ed Partyka

Jazzorchester Steiermark, GCO Graz Composer Orchestra

Lucija Novakcutest fotographer in town, 

S.P.E. - Sound Pollution Eclectic - Karel Eriksson (Tb, Leader), Gerhard Ornig (tp), Thilo Seevers (p) Emiliano Sampaio (guit), Luis André (dr) 
Christoph Ressi - Random Control - Wolfgang Hattinger (dir), Christoph Ressi (electr. comp.) , Elina Viluma (voc), Doris Nicoletti (fl),  Tilen Lebar  ( Alto) , Gerhard Ornig (Trp), Karel Eriksson (tb), Bernhard Ludescher (p), Tom Wilding (b), Luis André (dr)
 Ranning Sushi -  Gerhard Ornig (tp), Gregor Hernach (guit), Max Ranzinger (b), HP Kirbisser (dr)
El4ctricStephane Escoms (p, leader)

Toms RudzinskisToms Rudzinskis Abra, Ornig/Rudzinskis 4tett

Emiliano Sampaio - Mega Mereneu Big Band, Mereneu Project... 

Kari Antila Ornig/Antila 4tett