Further more a great Part 2 of many great summer shows coming up ...

For the first time in Sweden with S.P.E. and later back on stage in Austria with JOS and in Studio-Session with Void-Quintett Part II:


  • Schweden - Tour:
  • 11. - 12. August - Recording S.P.E. - (SWE)
  • 13. August - S.P.E. Källarbyn (SWE)
  • 14. August - S.P.E. Östhammer (SWE)
  • 16. August - S.P.E. Gävle (SWE)
  • 17. August - S.P.E. Södertälje, Viksbergs Kapell (Förband, Olika Svangs Ensemble
  • 18. August - S.P.E. Järfalla (SWE)
  • 19. August - S.P.E. Musikvalvet - Stockholm(SWE)
  • 21. August - JOS feat. Cover Girls - Güssinger Kultursommer
  • 22. - 24. August - Recording Void Quintett plus Big Band

More and further informations on the Shows Page!!!


4Seasons back on a little Tour again!!!

After a long break (mainly cause of Covid) we are happy to be back and play some shows this week in Austria with 4Seasons http://4seasonsmusic.org/

Pic by Lucija Novak, Poster by Sotiris


Back on track!!!

Really happy to share the news that from next week I am also getting back on stage in front of live-audience. The first tryout in beginning of May didn't work, but even more I am Happy to get back this coming week to perform 2 shows in Austria. For more informaion please follow to the Shows page.


... some other news ...

Many things are happening in the background, working on some Arrangements and Adaptations for a show this July as well as many other things on the side.
Further more I am happy to be part of some new projects, from 1 of the projects there is already a Trailer out there: "Jakob Helling's River Quartett" - check it out and hopefully soon live on stage as well.



All New...

I am happy to welcome all of you on my new website. I used the mostly artistic to update my digital presentation of my musical work in even more detail and better prepared way.

As usual, you will get information about my current musical work, new releases, concerts and projects here. You will also find a wide selection of my artistic presence in recent years in the form of videos, media references and links to many wonderful colleagues with whom I have the honor to work together.

Have fun with my music / work of the last few years. I am eagerly repositioned online, we can only hope that we can all experience this wonderful thing of music live again soon ...


... new ...

Lots of new photos of the wonderful Lucija Novak, current dates have really not yet been canceled (let's hope for the best) and some extensions to my previous website.

...and up to date

Eight months ago, in Prague, I had the opportunity to record the last record with the wonderful CAO (Concept Art Orchestra). I am very happy to have the opportunity to act as a soloist to this wonderful music by Stepanka Balcarova - https://www.conceptartorchestra.cz/en/about/